About Us



ALPAN sh.p.k arises from a successful collaboration. Even though recently established, “ALPAN” intends to offer a new product for the domestic and the external market.


Thanks to many years of experience in manufacturing and trading, that these companies carry, thanks to high quality product, “ALPAN” aims to be an innovation in the field of manufacturing of aluminium and plastics sandwich panels.
“ALPAN” “2FAF” and “F & L” together represent a success for the domestic market and across the region thanks to the high quality, innovation and maximum correctness in delivery. “ALPAN” thanks to the modern machinery and the high quality raw materials offers aluminium and plastic sandwich panels for doors, with a high range of colors, models and an indisputable quality.

In "ALPAN", Quality, Design, and Protection are melted in a single product.

Thanks to a program for sustainable development “ALPAN” aims to provide always quality, innovation and new models